2-Day AR15/Carbine Course

2-Day Course
$150.00 Per Student

NOTE: This course is similar to the Advanced AR15 Course offering. However, this class is more intense, drill/skill focused class with an increased round count.

Similar to the Advanced AR15 Course, this course is NOT limited to the AR15 platform. This course is more of a shooting and tactics course and, as such, attendees can use any tactical rifle (Mini-14, AK, FAL, AR10, and, of course, the AR15).

This FAST PACED course takes a more advanced dive into basic fighting principles and tactics where the AR15 is the primary defensive/fighting tool. In addition to skills addressed in the Advanced AR15 Course, instruction will include handgun transition work as well as support side shooting and extended range shooting.

This course expands the boundaries of safety and affords the student the opportunity to experience dynamic shooting drills necessary for the development of effective fighting techniques. A thorough DRY-FIRE exercise/observation is conducted prior to live fire.

The course will cover fighting stance, shooting on the move, pivot shooting, hallway/corner clearing shooting, barricade shooting (using cover/concealment), support side shooting, bounding cover/shooting drills, discretionary shooting drills, tactical and administrative reloading techniques, and malfunction clearing techniques and considerations. A long-range fun shoot rounds out the course.

ITEMS NEEDED - Rifle, 5 AR15 magazines and a way to carry them on your person, approximately 500 rounds of ammunition (NON-STEEL CORE), hearing and eye protection, comfortable clothing and hat, a folding field chair, pencil or pen, lunch/snacks, drinks, and a safe attitude. Any other gear you desire to train with is acceptable.

NOTE: Students need to bring any and all tools, specific to or necessary for, field-level repairs to their firearm, mounts, optics, sights, stocks, holsters, or any other item(s) deemed critical for training.

We are NOT responsible for a situation where an equipment or ammunition failure prevents a student from participating.

We will make every reasonable effort to get you back up and running including loaning you a firearm, magazine, etc., subject to availability.

Slings ARE MANDATORY for the Advanced AR15/Carbine class.
Upcoming Classees
There are no classes currently scheduled. Please check back later.
Training Locations
Training is held in two locations: Aucilla, Florida (approximately 30 minutes from Tallahassee) and Wildwood, Florida (45 minutes north of Orlando, Florida)
Repeat Policy
I can think of no better confirmation that a student valued the training provided than their desire to repeat a specific class.

NRA Range Safety Officer