Low Light Handgun

4 hours (8PM - midnight)
$65.00 Per Student

Pre-requisites: Due to the nature of this class, it is not for novice shooters, but this is a introduction level class. Proof of completion of a Basic Pistol class or similar from a recognized (by me) school. Military or Law Enforcement training will substitute . Student pre-requisites will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

This class will introduce students to concepts and equipment related to shooting a handgun in a low light / no light setting. This class assumes a basic level of ability has already been achieved by the student. We will discuss flashlights, both hand held and weapon mounted. We will discuss and demonstrate capability (beam types) and functionality (how they work) and what may best suit your situation. We will discuss batteries, mounting flashlights on pistols, cleaning, maintenance and function testing.

On the range we will shoot both group and individual drills that will let the student see the impact of flashlights and flashlight techniques on weapon manipulation and marksmanship. This will involve some static known distance drills on paper along with some drills incorporating movement, use of cover and shooting steel at unknown distances (approximately 25yds and in).

Students will leave with class with a higher level of confidence and comfort in their ability to shoot and run a pistol and a flashlight in low light / no light environments. As with all skills, once the basic knowledge and understanding is acquired, students are encouraged to practice frequently to keep these skills current. Simply put this class is the start of that journey, not the end.


  • Handgun with a minimum of three(3) magazines.
  • 300 – 500 rounds of factory ammunition (depending on the pace of the class)
  • Holster and belt. (No shoulder holsters or crossdraws please)
  • Hand held and / or weapon mounted flashlight. (Both preferred)
  • Batteries for your flashlight(s)
  • Typical range equipment (eye pro, ear pro, baseball cap, water , snacks, cleaning kit etc)
  • Pen and paper.

NOTE: Students need to bring any and all tools, specific to or necessary for, field-level repairs to their firearm, mounts, optics, sights, stocks, holsters, or any other item(s) deemed critical for training. We are NOT responsible for a situation where an equipment or ammunition failure prevents a student from participating. We will make every reasonable effort to get you back up and running including loaning you a firearm, magazine, etc., subject to availability.
Upcoming Classees
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Training Locations
Training is held in two locations: Aucilla, Florida (approximately 30 minutes from Tallahassee) and Wildwood, Florida (45 minutes north of Orlando, Florida)
Repeat Policy
I can think of no better confirmation that a student valued the training provided than their desire to repeat a specific class.

NRA Range Safety Officer