Pistol Skills I

1-Day Course

This class is perfect for the beginner or novice looking to obtain quality training to use as a foundation in which to build upon. If you have just purchased a handgun and would like to learn how to handle and shoot it safely, this is the course. While this is not a CWP specific course, it will satisfy the training requirement for a CWP application.

This easy paced class will introduce the student to basic handgun marksmanship beyond what the Concealed Carry class covers. Proper grip, stance, sight alignment, trigger control, reloading considerations, etc. are covered.

The student will learn to draw and fire their handgun efficiently and accurately by applying the fundamentals of marksmanship. Administrative and tactical reloading procedures will be demonstrated and practiced. Firing from positions of cover and concealment, as well as a variety of shooting drills designed to induce stress, are included in this class. During training, students can expect to engage targets out to 35 yards.

ITEMS NEEDED - The student will need a hand gun, holster or other preferred method of concealed carry (purse, fanny pack, etc.), 2 magazine if using a semi-automatic, hearing and eye protection, a field chair, pen/pencil, lunch/snacks and drinks, comfortable clothing/hat, and approximately 125 rounds of ammunition.

Students are encouraged to bring any and all manuals specific to their firearm(s) and gear.

NOTE: Students need to bring any and all tools, specific to or necessary for, field-level repairs to their firearm, mounts, optics, sights, stocks, holsters, or any other item(s) deemed critical for training.

We are NOT responsible for a situation where an equipment or ammunition failure prevents a student from participating.

We will make every reasonable effort to get you back up and running including loaning you a firearm, magazine, etc., subject to availability.

Slings ARE MANDATORY for the Advanced AR15/Carbine class.
Upcoming Classees
March 10-11, 2018
Combined Carbine/Pistol Skills Class
Aucilla Range
Instructor: Bob Capps
8:00 AM
You must contact Bob via email to reserve your spot

March 24-25, 2018
Precision Rifle Course
Aucilla Range
Instructor: Bob Capps

April 14-15, 2018
Advanced Tactical Carbine and Pistol (2 days)
Aucilla Range
Instructor: Robert Keller
8:00 AM
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April 21-22, 2018
Introduction to Tactical Carbine and Pistol
Aucilla Range
Instructor: Robert Keller
8:00 AM
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Training Locations
Training is held in two locations: Aucilla, Florida (approximately 30 minutes from Tallahassee) and Wildwood, Florida (45 minutes north of Orlando, Florida)
Repeat Policy
I can think of no better confirmation that a student valued the training provided than their desire to repeat a specific class.

NRA Range Safety Officer