Pistol Skills II

1-Day Course

This course builds on fundamentals students have learned previously. This class is not for new or novice shooters, students must have completed a basic / introductory handgun course from a recognized (by me) school. While this is not a CWP specific course, it will satisfy the training requirement for a CWP application.

We will spend part of the morning in the classroom revisiting gun safety rules, nomenclature, and marksmanship fundamentals and malfunction clearances. We will also discuss dry fire practice and handgun maintenance / cleaning. Issues with eye dominance and shooting both eyes open will be discussed.

We will move to the range mid morning where we will shoot drills that will help enforce the fundamentals. Distances will gradually be increased. Drills utilizing dummy rounds will also be conducted.

After lunch we will continue on the range working , one handed shooting (left and right) we will also discuss and demonstrate reloading and malfunction clearing with only the dominant or non dominant hand. We will end the day with a shoot off to determine “top Shot” for the class. We will then return to the class to clean handguns (Time Allowing) and certificate presentation.

Required Equipment:

  • Handgun with a minimum of three(3) magazines.
  • 400 rounds of factory ammunition (More or Less)
  • Holster and belt. (No shoulder holsters or cross draws please)
  • Typical range equipment (eye pro, ear pro, baseball cap, water , snacks, cleaning kit etc)
  • Pen and paper.
  • Folding chair

NOTE: Students need to bring any and all tools, specific to or necessary for, field-level repairs to their firearm, mounts, optics, sights, stocks, holsters, or any other item(s) deemed critical for training.

We are NOT responsible for a situation where an equipment or ammunition failure prevents a student from participating.

We will make every reasonable effort to get you back up and running including loaning you a firearm, magazine, etc., subject to availability.

Slings ARE MANDATORY for the Advanced AR15/Carbine class.
Upcoming Classees
March 21-22, 2020
Combined Carbine/Pistol Skills Class
Aucilla Range
Instructor: Bob Capps
8:00 AM

April 18-19, 2020
Combined Carbine/Pistol Skills Class
Aucilla Range
Instructor: Bob Capps
8:00 AM
Training Locations
Training is held in two locations: Aucilla, Florida (approximately 30 minutes from Tallahassee) and Wildwood, Florida (45 minutes north of Orlando, Florida)
Repeat Policy
I can think of no better confirmation that a student valued the training provided than their desire to repeat a specific class.

NRA Range Safety Officer