Precision Rifle Course
Bob Capps, Instructor

$150.00 Per Student

This course is perfect for either the experienced rifleman or the shooter who is just getting started. Precision rifle is a slower and more methodical approach to shooting. This course blends target shooting principles with sniper-related activities.

The student will become familiar with the "SHOOTING SYSTEM" (rifle, scope, ammo, and shooter). Proper rifle/scope set up and action fit to stock. A comprehensive overview of optics construction and function. A comprehensive overview of internal, external, and terminal ballistics. Proper rifle zero and rifle zero considerations. Instruction, demonstration, and practical exercises regarding angular units of measure (including Minutes of Angle (MOA) and MILS) and how to use a scope to determine range to target. Visual range estimation techniques w/o using a scope will also be discussed.

Fundamentals of marksmanship focusing on the concept of Natural Point of Aim (NPOA). Shooting from various positions including prone, sitting, standing, kneeling (supported and unsupported) and partner supported. Shooting from various positions to simulate rooftops, confined spaces, and barricades... all designed to introduce the student to shooting challenges associated with real-world scenarios. Learning to shoot in wind and from angles using visual clues (mirage) and formulas. Shooters will learn to develop DOPE and ballistic charts for their rifle/ammunition combination and how to track the data using a logbook.

Live fire will include ZERO procedures, chronograph of loads, and various drills with engagements out to about 500 yards. DOPE development and confirmation out to 500 yards to compare actual rifle/ammo performance to ballistic calculations. Shooting exercises designed to evaluate proper scope mounting and tracking. Close range drills using long range dialed in DOPE to allow the shooter the opportunity to experience aim-off/hold under as well as hold over drills (shooting beyond zero range w/o dialing in corrections). Various stress-related shooting drills (timed events) and team “command fire” drills to simulate shooting under stress.

Rifle care, cleaning, and maintenance issues are discussed as well.

ITEMS NEEDED - Rifle with bi-pod (bolt action or semi-auto), scope with a MIL DOT or TMR type reticle preferred, approximately 300 rounds of MATCH ammunition is preferred (NON-STEEL CORE), hearing and eye protection, some type of shooting mat, rifle rest (bean bag, sand bag etc.), calculator, comfortable clothing and hat, a folding field chair, pencil or pen, lunch/snacks, drinks, and a safe attitude. Any other gear you desire to train with is acceptable.

NOTE: Students need to bring any and all tools, specific to or necessary for, field-level repairs to their firearm, mounts, optics, sights, stocks, holsters, or any other item(s) deemed critical for training.

We are NOT responsible for a situation where an equipment or ammunition failure prevents a student from participating.

We will make every reasonable effort to get you back up and running including loaning you a firearm, magazine, etc., subject to availability.

Slings ARE MANDATORY for the Advanced AR15/Carbine class.
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Training Locations
Training is held in two locations: Aucilla, Florida (approximately 30 minutes from Tallahassee) and Wildwood, Florida (45 minutes north of Orlando, Florida)
Repeat Policy
I can think of no better confirmation that a student valued the training provided than their desire to repeat a specific class.

NRA Range Safety Officer