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The class was so much more than what I was expecting. At first I was nervous and somewhat intimidated being the only female shooter. However, after about 5 minutes (at most) I felt as though I fit right in and never felt out of place or singled out for being a girl -- unless for friendly laughs (which was perfectly fine by me). Everyone was extremely welcoming, accommodating and "well-behaved" throughout the entire weekend. I never felt as though safety was compromised and greatly respected the level of safety you required from the fellow shooters. The gang as a whole were a wonderful group of guys and I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to attend your class. We had some great laughs and memorable times. I found your background and knowledge to be very aspiring and learning many things about myself as well. Thank you kindly for the amazing opportunity and we will certainly be back for another class. I promise to be MUCH more prepared next time! :)

Melanie M. | April 2016

This is a great carbine class. I just finished it and it was awesome. Bob Capps is the real deal. Bob is an excellent instructor and we had an absolute blast. I'm going to take this class again in March [actually May] becasue it was so good.

The cost of the class is so low that you may question whether it's any good. Don't miss out, just sign up. It's a ridiculous value and pricing can't possibly stay as low as it is. If you have been thinking about getting some tactical training but didn't think you could afford it, here's your chance.

Chris H. | April 2016

Wanted to take a moment to tell you how enjoyable your Advanced Carbine Class was this weekend. From the start, you did a great job making every one feel welcome and included. Once we moved out to the range, it was clear that safety (as it should be) was paramount. You did an excellent job monitoring progress of the class as we moved through the course material, slowing down for areas where there was weakness and advancing more quickly through areas when we were solid. Everyone had a chance to do all exercises several times. Much appreciated also was the "there is not one perfect way to do this for all" reinforcement - this let us identify weaknesses in our own habits and techniques. One thing that you batted out of the park with me was immediate individual feedback, positive and corrective, as we were performing the drills.

This was not my first exposure to Tactical Carbine training and it is great that we have many options in the North FL area. In my personal experience some instructors are good teachers and others are good doers - it was an absolute joy to be taught by someone that is both.

I will be back for more!

Rob P. | February 2016

I took the Advanced AR15 Course taught by Bob Capps. For me, this was indeed an 'advanced' course with the introduction of dynamic drills where students are taught to shoot on the move with a partner while effectively using cover. I also gained experience and confidence performing drills weaving around fellow students with a 'hot' weapon, and then engaging discretionary targets. For me, this advanced course introduces the student to more real world situations while maintaining the highest safety standards. Bob is an excellent instructor with a passion for teaching the skills he has acquired in his professional career as a law enforcement officer. I highly recommend this very affordable course taught in a very safe setting.

Keith K. | February 2016

Went in to the class a bit nervous. Bob made me feel right at home. I learned more in those 2 days then I could have imagined and had fun doing it. This class is well worth the $100. To be honest after taking this course Bob should be charging much more.

All the other locations and instructors that I looked into before I found Signal-O Productions are charging around $800. I promise if you take this course or any other with Signal-0 Productions. You will not be disappointed.

Noah B. | September 2015

I've been shooting for almost 30 years... but have never yet had the chance to attend something like this.

Bob's method is very methodical and you can see is very fine tuned. In our class we had veterans who have attended multiple Signal-0 courses all the way down to someone who I dont think had ever used an AR15 and had very little firearm exposure.

The private environment is very well setup and so much better than training elsewhere. You can focus on what you are doing, who and what is immediately around you, and not what is going on a couple hundred feet away. The small class sizes keep things safe and let's everyone work with and learn from each other as well.

The incredibly safe environment, quality of the program, and overall experience is worth a lot more than the price of admission. Bob does this because he loves it and you can tell. He could triple the price and I think anyone who has gone would repeat without hesitation. I would.

Stuart A. | September 2015

The most compressive precision rifle course I could have asked for and the price was well below its true worth. Bob filters out the white noise on equipment banter and gives his expert opinion on what is most important to get results.

I learned more in this weekend [18-19July 2015] than I had collectively obtained in my 20 year career in the military. The concepts of developing a solid "system" was a huge eye opener and now know the value of all of it's parts to becoming a proficient and confident shooter.

By providing quality class room instruction coupled with the complement of various shooting positions, I soon realized I could be an effective utility shooter in any situation or condition he threw at us.

Everyone should experience the feeling on hitting targets from distances that you can barely see with the naked eye!!!! Now that is a fundamental right and privilege that people in our country need to take advantage of, if only once in their lifetime.

Brian T. Burke, MHE, CPS HM1(DSW/SW/PJ)IDC, USN (Ret) USSOCOM Care Coalition Recovery Care Coordinator DoD Contractor, Tek Source Headquarters United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) | July 2015

Just wanted to say thanks for the recommendation for Bob's class. I went two weekends ago and couldn't be happier with the class.

Bob does a great job of making the class affordable and providing quality thoughtful instruction.

There were some prior students who came and when I spoke with some of them they were going to take the class again because they had a new rifle or scope or just wanted to refresh themselves.

If you want to learn the fundamentals involved in precision rifle shooting and have some fun along the way I would say Bob is your guy.

T.G. | April 2014

I can't say enough about Bob. He's an excellent instructor with a strong emphasis on safety.

We ran the moving drills dry first to make sure everyone understood what to do and sometimes Bob was right there with you to coach you along if necessary.

One point that was repeatedly drilled in was engaging the safety every time you're done shooting and absolutely when you're on the move. He also has a great ability to make it thoroughly enjoyable.

I really encourage you to check out Signal-0 if you're in Florida/S GA. I can't wait to take the precision rifle course next month.

Cary B. | March 2014

It was a great class and one heck of a value, really great for someone who hasn't been exposed to any formal training.

No hut-hut hoo-ahh stuff like you get with some instructors, plenty of personal one on one attention for those who need it, safe relaxed environment and no instructor intimidation.

Bob made range finding with a mildot seem like child's play and that alone was worth the price of the class.

Plenty of challenge in all of the drills which certainly helped find personal short comings. Best of all, you don't need a bunch of HSLD gear. Go with what you got, nobody had issues hitting their target out to 325 yards.

I wouldn't hesitate to take the class again, especially if I can round up some of my buddies to add in a little competitive element.

C.S. | November 2013

Thanks for the Great class Bob!

The price of the class is not an indicator of the value of the instruction and knowledge.

Bob's philosophy of training is to provide quality teaching with dynamic range time and to make it affordable.

Bob very quickly and efficiently taught everyone the basics of rifle, scope, ammo, and shooter. How each play a part in being able to perform the task needed for precision shooting.

He taught us the necessary formulas and skills for range estimation and bullet drop calculations.

Don't hesitate to train with Bob, you will not be disappointed.

P.C. | November 2013

Great class! Great time! really enjoyed myself Bob. You guys run a first rate training course!!

Ken H. | October 2013

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for a great 2 days of training. Precision rifle shooting was something that I have been curious about for quite some time. Admittadly, for a relatively new shooter such as myself, the art of precision rifle was also very intimidating. From the very beginning you helped ease any anxiety I was experiencing. I can't say enough good things about your training / teaching methods. You were easily able to take away the "mystery" and open my eyes to a whole new craft. The atmosphere, the camaraderie, the challenges you created...along with the knowledge and expericne you shared were nothing short of amazing. Thank you again and can't wait for the next class and new challenges!!

Fred D. | October 2013

I have taken 3 classes from Bob. To say I am believer in his knowledge, training, and teaching methods is an understatement.

I like that Bob explains WHY you do something. He spends time with everyone and will revisit items if you need him to.

I look forward to taking more classes from Bob.

Mike P. | October 2013

This [Precision Rifle Class] was two solid days of "immersion therapy" in the art and science of precision rifle/snipercraft.

Trying to summarize it in words . . . . I don't really think that could be done in less than an hour or two.

Molary | September 2013

Bob is a great instructor!

He trains his way and is not concerned with being politically correct. Like it or leave it, your choice.

His course is very hands on and intense.

Train in the heat and the rain to test yourself and your gear. You may fail or your gear may fail.

After the instruction portion of the class he had a combined timed challenge and a long distance competition. It was well done and added another level of "stress" to the class.

Cost is no longer an excuse not to get good training in our area.

It was nice to meet some of you guys and put names with faces.

Thanks Bob for a great class!!

Yancie B. | June 2013

This is not my first time training with Bob its my second! and each class just keeps getting better. Like others have said, Bob teaches outside the box but what he teaches is real world, it is not from the pre-packaged, sterilized, script that is all rainbows and smiles.

I’ve taken a lot of classes with several of the local companies, Signal-0 was the first that provided any literature that supported the information taught. The take away binders have a great deal of relevant information that really helps visual learners as well as some really solid references to use after the class is over in order to continue to improve as a shooter.

Thanks again for a fantastic class and a great weekend of shooting!

Eddie C. | July 2013

The advanced class was both physically and mentally demanding.

Given the inherit danger of multiple operators of varying skill levels practicing advanced tactics with live fire, one must keep their shit tight during the entire course. There was no time to get lazy or drop ones level of awareness. Of course Bob was diligent and consistent in his attention to safety.

We trained hard in the pouring rain, mud, heat and humidity. We put our gear and ourselves through the paces.......and the elements let us know where BOTH needed improvement.

Bob instruction style was like that of an old Gunnery Sgt. He wasn't there to hold your hand and cater to your wallet. He was simply there to give you best possible training he knew to give you...........worth MUCH more than what he charged.

Jason D. | July 2013

First of all I have to give thanks to Bob for all he did for us this weekend. Bob make us feel like part of the family.

This was an amazing class. I thought that I was paying $50 dollars, to have fun with like minded people, and , I was floored and amaze with the instruction my son and I received.

This was a very professional class, and I'm a better shooter today than I was on Saturday morning before the class. I can go on and on about this class, but until you take it, you won't understand.

Walter R. | August 2013

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